Scouts Party Theme

birthdayThe scouts is an exciting theme for a birthday party. It offers some new and different to those who enjoy decorating for a children’s party. There are some ideas for a scouts birthday party that are sure to be a big hit with those in attendance.


Guests can wear their scouts uniform to the party. If a guest does not have a uniform or does not want to wear their own they can make one upon arriving. This in an activity that will allow children to be creative and keep them busy. There are a number of templates that can be found and used to make a scouting uniform or even a scarf. Old fabric scraps work well too. The guests can choose their own colors and designs.

Scouts Bingo

It is easy to make a bingo card to help people get to know each other. For example a person can write in the box something as “owns a pet” or “plays an instrument” Every time the caller picks something that is true about the scout they can cover the board. This will help the scouts become familiar and the winner can get a small prize.

Pass the Polo Mint

This game will allow the scouts to have some party fun and play a game with teamwork. Each of the players is given a drinking straw that they have to hold in their mouth. They can only used one hand to hold the straw into place. The scouts are dividing into two teams. The first one on the team threads the mint onto the straw and they have three minutes to pass as many mints down the line of scouts as they can. If the mint falls on the floor it does not count.


There are a number of badges that the scouts can earn for completing these activities. The scouts can see how many badges that they can earn. There are templates that are available on the internet.
These are just of the ideas for scouts birthday party ideas. These themes will allow party goers to have some fun and enjoy a new theme